Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Bad Saturday, Good Saturday

So, last Saturday was not my best day! Now, I'm not saying I'm a very graceful person, but usually I can keep from falling on my rear. Well, Saturday was not a graceful day for me! I was walking through Chandler Fashion Center with a friend of mine, and I got hungry (completely believable considering my condition). Well, walking through the food court, my stupid feet decided they wanted to find the perfect spot to make me crash and burn!
I went down, big time! I landed on my left hip, but my left ankle wound up under me, and my big fat preggo belly hit my leg pretty hard. I ended up being taken to the hospital for stomach pains and spent almost 6 hours there, I think. (I slept for some of it, so I'm not entirely sure!) They did a bunch of tests and hooked my up to the fetal monitering machine and did an ultrasound, and everything is just fine! And it was kind of cool, cuz I got to see my little girl's heart beating inside her tiny little chest! It was so beautiful to me! I love my little angel!
We have to go to the doctor in the morning for a follow-up evaluation. (Well, really it's just me, but since she's inside me she gets included.) It would be so much better if my regular doctor was going to be there, but he's... somewhere else, so I have to go see the on-call doctor who I don't even know his name or if he's even a he! And I have to go all by myself because Chris has to work! *sad face*
On a good note, this coming Saturday is my baby shower! Finally! I'm so excited! My cousin did all the planning and everything, so I know it'll be super awesome! She's totally amazing at stuff like this! She should totally be a party planner, cuz she would make some serious bank. But back to my baby shower! I've never even been to one, but I know that mine will be undoubtedly the best one I'll ever go to! Since I get all the gifts! LOL! I can't wait to see what everyone got for us! And I can't wait to see my cousin! We hardly get together since she lives way far away (too far to drive with my gas hog of a vehicle)!
So I've had one bad Saturday to put behind me, and I have one good Saturday to look forward to! All in all, I think my life is going pretty good!

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